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To promote the encounter between peoples and religions


To honour and support the entrepreneurs of coexistence, the transmitters of inter-religious hospitality, the defenders of minorities, as a model of inspiration for openness to the other, the overcoming of conflicts and confessional divisions.


INSPIRE & OPEN NEW HORIZONS by designing cultural, educational or cinematographic events as well as specific actions around those who can be described as “Magos”, i.e. the wise;


by taking a look at these Kings of the East, who have promoted dialogue between cultures and religions and whose region of the world is inseparable from the history of the “Magos”; RESPOND TO THE CHALLENGES OF TODAY AND TOMORROW with an endowment fund responsible for providing long-term financial support to future Magos Prize winners, which, according to the etymological version of the word Magush, means “He who can do”.


MAGOS means “THE WISE ONE” according to Eastern traditions. In ancient Persian it means “one who can do” or a “scholar/expert” according to the Greeks. The Latin derivative “magis” is synonymous with “Enlighted judgment”, i.e. a masterful way of thinking that enables one to act well.


The Messengers are inspirational role models who, through their journey and achievements, embody the notion of “Magos” linked to the principles of wisdom, inter-religious dialogue, peaceful coexistence or generosity.
Honorary members are personalities, organisations, institutions and philanthropists whose commitment to coexistence and dialogue between cultures and civilisations is well known. Diplomatic representatives who wish to support the Magos Foundation are also invited to join the Honorary Committee. Members are welcomed to contribute their expertise and share their commitments at the various events organised by the Foundation. They can help, according to their wishes, to fostering institutional contacts or sponsorship actions.
The Magos Foundation is governed by a rigorous and transparent system. The Supervisory Board gives advice and makes recommendations on the Foundation’s policies and actions. It ensures that the stated ethical principles are respected.

Composed of experts, historians, teachers and curators, they verify the information and content given at exhibitions or educational events.

Support committees are formed in cities or countries to enable the organisation of one or more flagship events of the foundation. Their members have a non-executive role.
Made up of the founding members and experts, all of whom are volunteers, this decision-making body is responsible for determining the Foundation’s strategic orientations. It ensures that they are properly implemented.
The “Fundación Magos”, a non-profit organisation under Spanish law, registered in the “Junta de Andalucía” is responsible for the restoration, enrichment and presentation of its collection, which is made available for the creation of exhibitions. It supports actions in line with the stated mission, in particular by supporting programs for the integration and education of the younger generation, the pillars of successful coexistence. A French Endowment Fund registered in Paris, assists the missions of the Foundation. The ”FUNDACION MAGOS” and the “FONDS DE DOTATION MAGOS” also supports role models committed to the defense of a cause related to a major concern of the contemporary world, through the Prizes. Both structures can receive legacies and donations as well as to benefit from tax reductions for any act of generosity. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President : Joel Soler, Documentary filmmaker Vice-President : Laurent Quessette, High-ranking official, lecturer at the University Treasurer : Tiphaine Papadopoulos, Jurist Deputy treasurer : Eric Gibaja, entrepreneur Members are volunteers and cannot receive any remuneration. Board Special Advisors Nelson Castellano, former General Consul of Venezuela in France Bernard Frontero, former Director of culture and events, attached to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Magos Foundation’s awards ceremony will be an opportunity to honour the careers of inspirational role models.