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"Wisdom is better than force"
חוכמה עדיפה על כוח
Ecclesiastes 16.17

And by means of the stars
(people) are guided"
وَعَلَمَاتٍ وَبِالنَّجْمِ هُمْ يَهْتَدُونَ
Quran, An Nahl 16.16

MAGOS means "WISE MAN" according to ancient Eastern traditions. In ancient Persian, MAGOS refers to "an achiever".
The Latin derivative "MAGIS" encapsulates a magisterial way of thinking that enables virtuous actions.

Throughout the ages, the Magi have stood as timeless models of inspiration, a revered caste that the world's elite aspires to emulate. In our modern era, the etymology of the term MAGOS resonates deeply with renowned figures and unsung heroes, distinguished by their altruism, generosity, and unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges of our contemporary world. It is those values of Universal Fraternity that the Magos Foundation wishes to diffuse.


The Magos Foundation invites you to follow the roads of wisdom through historical and contemporary journeys. Its ambition is to act on the great challenge of inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. The Foundation possesses an art collection dedicated to the great sages of human history most of them in connection with the “three religions of the book,” as well as certain kings of the East renowned for their support of a peaceful coexistence, such as the Nazari kings of Granada, the ultimate Muslim dynasty in Western Europe. The flagship collection is devoted to the most celebrated kings of the East in the history of mankind: “The Three Wise Men.”


The Three Wise Men, a magnificent symbol for building bridges between peoples and religions, presented in a multi-sensory exhibition designed as an immersion Los Reyes Magos, un magnífico símbolo de acercamiento entre pueblos y religiones, puestos en escena en una exposición multisensorial concebida como una inmersión en una película a documentary film.
This monetary award is intended to encourage the commitment of those who follow in Voltaire’s footsteps to combat intolerance and assist religious minorities in the pursuit of human dignity. The award ceremony will take place in Granada on November 16, 2023, which coincides with the International Day of Tolerance.



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